Three Things to Consider Before Buying Ice Cube Trays

How to turn out ice that makes drinks taste better and adds style to your glassware.

Manufacturers are developing ice trays that not only make better ice compared to trays of yesteryear but ice that’s suited for specific uses. Silicone ice cube trays with lids prevent spills, release cubes easily, and block refrigerator odors. Spherical ice has less surface area than cubes of the same volume, which makes them last longer in drinks. Large blocks of ice chill drinks quickly and look sophisticated, making them perfect for serving aged whiskeys or any special drinks. Here are three ice cube trays that make ideal ice cubes:

Attractive Design

This set is constructed with food-safe materials. OMorc

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Plastic ice cube trays do nothing to prevent ice from absorbing freezer odors, which can alter the taste of your drinks. Silicone ice trays with lids keep odors and unwanted debris out of the cube pockets and prevent water from accidentally spilling, which can freeze an entire tray to the inside of your freezer. The cubes easily eject, and unlike old, plastic trays, modern version are constructed from food-safe materials.

For Fancy Cocktails

Nothing will stick or cling to the inside of this pair. Adoric

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If you want your ice to last longer, get a tray that makes spherical ice cubes. A sphere has a smaller surface area compared to a cube of the same volume. That means less exposure to other elements, which results in longer-lasting ice. If you’re hosting an outdoor party and want pitchers and carafes of drinks to stay colder, longer, spherical ice trays are the solution.

Easy to Use

This pair is ideal for chilling low- or highball glasses. Tovolo

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The larger the ice cube, the quicker it cools a drink. That’s important if you’re serving adult beverages that taste better when chilled, because small cubes of ice will melt fast and dilute the beverage, reducing its quality. Moreover, serving a fine cocktail in a glass with one extra-large cube adds an element of sophistication to your presentation. Look for trays with lids to both block odors and can stack in your freezer, so you’ll always have a few ice blocks prepared.