Getting a kid excited about art can be as easy as providing glue sticks and beads. But make sure you match your child’s interest with the type of supplies you provide. Markers that are too large for little hands will sow frustration, and art supplies that seem too juvenile will turn older kids off. Here are three things you need to know about matching art supplies to your child’s ability.

This set is loaded with multicolored items, from glittery glue pens to pom poms and buttons. FunzBo

You’re never too young to rock arts and crafts! But it’s easy to turn off children with art sets that are too mature for their age. It’s critical to match your child’s age and abilities with art supplies that enable them to explore and create on their own. There are tons of options, so choose art supplies that your child will be able to easily manipulate without frustration.

The ink in this kit is water-based and non-toxic. JR.WHITE

You don’t have to have a canvas or even paper to create awesome art, and kids love to decorate and create with everyday objects. While a standard watercolor set is a great choice, get creative and look for art supplies a child can use on rocks, wood, fabrics, and more. It’s an inexpensive way to get kids to think about how art can be a part of everyday life.

The inks in this collection don’t bleed. iBayam

Older children and young adults crave greater control and quality in art supplies, so move up a few levels as your children age. Many youngsters love to journal, and a quality set of fine point markers and pens will help keep them interested in creating art as they grow older and mature beyond sponge paints and foam unicorns.