LED fog lights give off a sleeker, more modern, and brighter light than comparable halogen bulbs. They also outlast traditional lights, saving you money over the long haul. If you’re thinking about replacing your current fog light bulbs with LEDs, consider your driving conditions, along with the brightness and color of bulbs that can help you see best.

This pair features aviation aluminum construction for better cooling. Alla Lighting

Drivers who spend a lot of time driving at night, especially in inclement weather or areas where fog and bad weather are common, benefit most from changing to good LED bulbs. You can easily install a new set in a vehicle to replace any current fog light bulbs, just make sure they are compatible before purchasing because connections and fittings vary widely.

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This product produces over 5,000 lumens. Alla Lighting

Fog lights illuminate the road directly in front of a vehicle, making driving easier and safer in bad conditions. Most LED fog lights bulbs are brighter than halogen, and in bad weather and fog, brighter is almost always better. An LED’s brightness is measured in lumens. 5,000-lumen lights are bright enough to handle just about any kind of conditions without being overly bright.

Also Consider

This set projects a cool illumination shade. BEAMTECH

Kelvins are the measurements used for measuring LED color temperature. Fog light bulbs often have a white, yellow, or amber hue between 3000K and 6500K. Choosing what color is best is a matter of personal preference. White lights provide more contrast against objects in front of your vehicle, while yellow or amber lights are better at cutting through fog.