Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Ceramic Non-Stick Skillet

If you don’t trust the chemical coating on non-stick pans, but still want a slick way to fry eggs, here’s a solution.

Non-stick pans
Non-stick pans make cooking a breeze, but make sure it’s treated with a non-toxic coating before you buy.Caannaswels

For delicate things, like the perfect over-easy egg, there’s nothing that beats a non-stick pan. The problem is that most of them get their slippery properties from a synthetic coating that has the potential to release carcinogenic chemicals, which you really don’t want to breath. They also have a tendency to flake and peel with age, with little bits of it ending up in your food. This is why a ceramic non-stick pack is such a game-changer.

Natural Ceramic

non-stick pan
This pan’s surface is made from natural stone, giving it a smooth, resilient finish.Ozeri

Some pans try to make themselves sound more natural but are really synthetic. Look for skillets with surfaces made from real clay, stone, or sand. These pans should be free of nasty chemicals like PFOA, APEO, GenX, PFBS, PFOS, NMP, and NEP. The finish is so smooth that you’ll only need a little oil, and your food will slide right off.

Other Materials

non-stick pan
The surface on this non-stick is derived from sand and features lots of aluminum for even heat distribution.GreenPan

Of course, these pans aren’t entirely made of ceramic, just the surfaces are. I always look for pans with a lot of aluminum in the base, because it’s a conductive material that helps distribute heat more evenly. If you’re planning on putting your pan in the oven, you’ll probably want a metal handle or at least one with heat-resistant silicone. Some even come with glass lids.


stone-derived non-stick pan
This stone-derived non-stick features a deep curve and a comfortable wooden handle that makes it great for sautéing.Caannaswels

This comes down to personal preference to some degree, but I like a pan with nice, rounded edges so that it’s easier to flip items over. Deeper pans will be better for stir-frying, though. I also really like the feel of a wooden handle. True, this means you can’t put them in the oven, but I rarely want to do that anyway, and they feel great in the hand when cooking.