Three Things to Consider Before Buying Oven Mitts

Get a better grip on hot dishes with a set of grippy, well-insulated gloves.

A good oven mitt lets you handle the hottest dishes—hot cast iron skillets, hot cake pans, hot casseroles, and hot muffin tins. It’s not the most important kitchen accessory you’ll own until you scald your knuckles or drop a pie onto the floor. Fortunately, several oven mitt designs and materials look great, work great, and should last for years. Here are three things to consider before you stick your hands in the oven.


The outer material in this product won’t absorb liquids. HOMWE

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There are two primary materials for constructing oven mitts. Insulated, quilted cotton is the old standby, and it’s still a great choice because cotton mitts are comfortable to wear and easy to clean. You can simply toss most pairs into a washing machine. But silicone mitts have a higher heat tolerance and can provide a better grip. You can also spot clean a silicone mitt with soap and water from the kitchen faucet.

Easy to Use

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If you’ve ever scorched your forearm or wrist on a blistering hot oven rack or oven wall, you’ll appreciate oven mitts that are long enough to protect more than your hands. Short mitts are fine for moving hot pots around a stovetop, but for reaching deep into an oven, get mitts that cover half your forearms to prevent accidental burns.

For Hot Jobs

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When it comes to a tactile feel with oven gloves, there are some pros and cons. Super-thick mitts offer the most protection from heat, but all that material can make it difficult to hold slick glass containers or manipulate hot oven racks. If you’re the kind of cook that might be stirring a pot one second and checking inside an oven the next, you’ll want oven mitts that allow you to grip and grab with ease. Some cloth oven mitts come with stripes or beads of silicone or heat-resistant rubber to keep casseroles and hot pans from slipping out of your hands.