Without opposable thumbs, dogs and cats rely on us to help make dinnertime a little easier. A good pet bowl stays put when it’s pushed around by wet muzzles, keeps food from flying all over the kitchen, and contains potential spills. What’s more, a great pet bowl can make munching easier for large or older dogs that have a difficult and possibly painful time eating off the floor. When you’re looking for a dining room set for your pet, here are three things to consider.

Cooler-Style Design

This product requires no batteries or electricity to operate. AmazonBasics

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You’ll never hear, “Somebody feed the dog!” hollered through the house if you buy a gravity feeder. These simple, ingenious devices hold enough grub for multiple days, but only release food or water after the connected bowl is empty. They’re not a great choice for pets that might overeat, but they’re a great way to keep fresh water handy and for dogs with self-control, and they work well with dry cat food.

Versatile Option

This product comes in multiple sizes for any sized pet. Neater Feeder

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Anytime a dog eats there’s a chance of food spilling onto the floor, water splashing into the food bowl, and other potential accidents. If your dog is a messy eater, look for products that keep food and water separate, or something with back and side walls to deflect tidbits from ricocheting around the room.

Easy to Clean

The legs on this product fold under the tray for convenient storage. Pet Zone

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Pet food bowls aren’t one-size-fits-all. Some tall and older dogs strain to feed from bowls on the floor, so elevating a food and water bowl makes eating and drinking much more comfortable. On the other hand, small dogs don’t want to stand on their claws just to munch on kibble. Match the size and health concerns of your pet to the bowl or elevated tray.