At first glance, pet stairs may seem silly. Then, you realize just how high the bed is from Fido’s point of view. Pet stairs can make it easier for pups to get onto high surfaces, including cars. Some stairs are designed to be tossed in the trunk, and some are actually ramps, which can be easier to navigate for short-legged pups. The type of stairs that are right for you depend on how you plan to use them, and what type of pet you have. Like any new experience, you may need to train your pet to become comfortable with steps.

Easy to Store

The product collapses and can be placed under the bed or in a trunk, while the fabric tread covers and side rails help protect pups from slips and falls. Amazon

Stability is important when it comes to pet stairs. Look for ones that have grips on the feet of the stairs, so they won’t slide on hardwood. Tread covers can also provide support for a pet’s paws. If your pet seems apprehensive about using the steps at first, you may need to train him with some treats until he knows that it’s safe.

Stays in Place

A washable cover and multiple color options allow you to choose a design that complements your decor. Multiple configurations let you choose the right height for your furry friend. Amazon

If one thing is constant in pet ownership, it’s that Fluffy and Fido have a few favorite nap spots. As pets get older, it can be disconcerting to see them try to reach the places they love with difficulty. Pet stairs can allow them to continue to have autonomy and seek out their favorite cozy spots on their own, without you worrying about them falling. Consider “permanent” pet stairs—ones that won’t fold down—if your pet regularly snoozes on the couch or bed.

Flexible Fit

Carpet tread and floor grippers provide a secure boost when Fido needs some support getting onto a couch or into the car. Amazon

Sometimes, your pet just needs a little boost. A one-step option is more secure than a DIY fix like a box, and can be thrown into the car or closet. A one-step option can also be smart to pack along on vacation if your pup is regularly getting in and out of the car, and if you’re unsure of just how high the furniture may be at a hotel or rental.