blackout curtains
Heavy, thick curtains can also block out unwanted sounds from outside a window. Fleur Fleur

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a dark, moody movie as buckets of light pour through your windows and make it impossible to see the screen. Allowing too much sunlight through windows can also raise electric bills and damage family heirlooms. A good set of shade curtains can help with all of those things. Made from either plastic or heavy-duty fabrics, some block more light than others, but a good set will keep your home cool and be easy to clean.

The materials on this set will block out 100 percent of the outside light. NICETOWN

You may not be surprised to learn that different curtains block light differently, and more isn’t always better. Pick the thickness of the curtain material based on the mood you’re trying to create in a room. Curtains that block out 100 percent of the outside light won’t let anything through when shut. So, if you want a room to be dark, but not pitch black, opt for shade curtains that block 85 to 99 percent of light. Remember, darker shades of material typically blocking more light.

Great Value

This set is machine washable. NICETOWN

Like anything else, curtains get dirty sometimes. Usually, it’s just an accumulation of dust, or maybe prints from a child’s grubby hands. Either way, the easier curtains are to care for the better. Look for curtains you can machine wash and tumble dry (usually on cold/low settings). For a sleek, wrinkle-free look, make sure the drapes are also iron and steam-clean friendly.

Also Consider

This set is made from woven microfiber. BGment

Light isn’t the only thing curtains can regulate. Closed shut, a good pair of drapes will keep the heat outside your home in the warm months, and the bitter cold away during the cold time of the year, which can lower your heating and cooling costs. A bonus of thick curtains is the ability to dampen outside noise.