Three Things to Consider Before Buying Slip-on Shoes

How to find the most comfortable footwear you might ever own.

Slip-on Disney Alice in Wonderland shoes.
Slip-on shoes are often inexpensive, so even if you ruin a pair, you can afford others, which often can’t be said about their lace-up counterparts.Bret Ferranco

No matter how many pairs of shoes we own, those that get worn the most are usually the least expensive and easiest to get into. This typically means a casual clog or slip-on. Whether you need lightweight footwear around the home, while out walking the dog, or just running errands around town, any of these styles will fit the bill. Here are a few things to consider when looking for an everyday slip-on.

Crocs Mens and Womens Classic Clog | Water Shoes | Comfortable Slip On Shoes
This model comes in dozens of colors so choose one that fits your lifestyle.Crocs

For pure functionality in the workaday world, it’s hard to beat a synthetic clog. They’re comfortable and practical, featuring an antibacterial footbed that offers massaging sensations as you walk. Though still not considered fashion-forward, after years of unprecedented popularity, these plastic clown shoes have at least been rendered socially acceptable by their sheer ubiquity. Try 'em. You’ll like 'em.

Women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers - Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Lady Girls Modern Jazz Dance Easy Shoes Platform Loafers
This pair is lightweight, flexible, and breathable.Slow Man

For more fashionable occasions, consider a so-called “sock sneaker,” which is a slip-on shoe with a mesh or fabric upper. In addition to providing more support than a clog, this style is appropriate anywhere from the workplace to neighborhood power walks. And they still have the same breathability and comfort as open-heel shoes.

Sloggers 5120BEEBL10 Waterproof Comfort Shoe, 10, Lt Blue Bee Print
This pair has all-day comfort insoles.Sloggers

If you need a style for household chores or working in the yard, choose a closed-toe garden shoe. You’ll get better protection and stability than from a sandal or ventilated clog, without sacrificing lightness or comfort. Plus, they’re waterproof!