Three Things to Consider Before Buying Slip-on Shoes

How to find the most comfortable footwear you might ever own.

No matter how many pairs of shoes we own, those that get worn the most are usually the least expensive and easiest to get into. This typically means a casual clog or slip-on. Whether you need lightweight footwear around the home, while out walking the dog, or just running errands around town, any of these styles will fit the bill. Here are a few things to consider when looking for an everyday slip-on.

Style Variety

This model comes in dozens of hues so you can choose one that fits your lifestyle. Crocs

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For pure functionality in the workaday world, it’s hard to beat a synthetic clog. They’re comfortable and practical, featuring an antibacterial footbed that offers massaging sensations as you walk. Though still not considered fashion-forward, after years of unprecedented popularity, these plastic clown shoes have at least been rendered socially acceptable by their sheer ubiquity. Try ’em. You’ll like ’em.


This pair is lightweight, flexible, and breathable. Slow Man

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For more fashionable occasions, consider a so-called “sock sneaker,” which is a slip-on shoe with a mesh or fabric upper. In addition to providing more support than a clog, this style is appropriate anywhere from the workplace to neighborhood power walks. And they still have the same breathability and comfort as open-heel shoes.

Pretty Pattern

These are easy to put on and easy to clean up. Sloggers

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If you need a style for household chores or working in the yard, choose a closed-toe garden shoe. You’ll get better protection and stability than from a sandal or ventilated clog, without sacrificing lightness or comfort. Plus, they’re waterproof!