Three Things to Consider Before Buying Stocking Holders

Keep those stockings hanging with holders that won’t fail.

Deck the halls with…broken presents?

That’s not an uncommon scene in many households, when stockings hung by the chimney with care—or least above the radiator with the best of intentions—fall to the ground and spill out their contents. Gouged walls and floors, stained carpets, and damaged gifts are often the results, not to mention teary-eyed children, frightened pets, and frustrated, angry adults. Have a merry one!

That’s why it’s crucial to use dedicated stocking holders to hold up your stockings. Fortunately, there are several types of stocking holders that do their expected job—hold up a stocking—exceedingly well, and look good while doing it. Here are three choices:

Weighted Stocking Holders

Each Iconikal Snowflake stocking holder will support two pounds of stocking stuffers. Iconikal

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Weighted stocking holders are typically used on mantels or any other type of shelf. They’re easy to use—you just place one at the edge of the mantel and hang the stocking on the hook—and typically have the secondary advantage of being decorative. This is not the time to scale back on weight. The heavier the holder, the more you can put in it.

Hook Stocking Holders

Sunshane stocking holders hold up to ten pounds and can be used for hanging items other than stockings. Sunshane

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These C-shaped stocking holders work by simple leverage. The top of the C is wide and rests on the top of the mantel, and the bottom of the C, which curves inward, holds the stocking in place. Such holders are handy for use on shelves that jut out enough for you to put the entire top part of the hook on the shelf, providing maximum holding power.

Stocking Racks

Place your stockings wherever you wish with the Forup stand stocking hanger. FORUP

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These freestanding devices resemble miniature swing sets, with a crossbar between two V braces. These are handy for hanging stockings in rooms where there are no shelves. They also allow you to display your stockings on the floor, where they’ll be within easy reach of small children.