Smartphones have become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine any situation where they are not part of everyday life. For sportsmen, a modern smartphone still has applications for navigation and communication even in the most remote wilderness settings. But when the weather turns cold, modern electronics are more difficult to manage while wearing traditional gloves. A pair of touchscreen gloves will give you all the protection and warmth you need while maintaining the electrical interface between your fingertip and the phone’s screen. Here are a few things to look for in a touchscreen glove.

Fully Insulated Gloves

An insulated glove will keep your hands warm, but might decrease the sensitivity in your fingers. OZERO

For maximum protection, a fully insulated glove with touchscreen-enabled fingertips will give you all the protection you need without removing the glove. The added bulk increases warmth, but likely at the expense of tactile feedback and touchscreen sensitivity.

Liner Gloves

Liner gloves are thin and make touching a screen easy, but don’t always offer much warmth. Achiou

A thin liner-weight glove works well in a layering system under mittens or a glove shell. You get the benefit of the touchscreen capabilities but don’t have to expose digits to the cold in order to operate your device.

Textured Palms

A glove with a textured grip can prevent you from accidentally dropping your smartphone. Achiou

Smartphone and phone cases can be slick enough to slip right through your hands, a bad scenario in deep snow or while riding a ski lift. An anti-slip coating on the palm of a glove provides just the right amount of gription to prevent fumbling while talking or texting.