Three Things to Consider Before Buying Velcro Straps

How to buy the right hook-and-loop fasteners for your needs.

Hook-and-loop fasteners, popularized by the original manufacturer Velcro, come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and strengths. But which is best for your situation depends on the size and shape of the things you want to bind together. Heavy-duty Velcro is ideal for securing large and bulky items like rugs, and some fasteners have water-resistant glue that means you can use them outdoors. Lightweight hook-and-loop Velcro fasteners are better for small, delicate items on walls because the glue is easier to remove. Velcro cable ties are perfect for cable management, but also for keeping bags closed, hiding spare keys, leashing paddles to kayaks, and fitting a facemask comfortably to your head.

Modern Classic

This product has a powerful, water-resistant glue backing. VELCRO Brand


Some hook-and-loop fasteners work for heavy-duty use—10 inches of the strong Velcro can hold up to 10 pounds—which makes it perfect for holding down things like loose carpets, throw rugs, cushions, and other items that people stand or sit on. Heavy-duty Velcro is also ideal for hand tools or any other items that you’ll be attaching to a workstation and removing a lot because it will stand up to repeated use. Water-resistant versions are perfect for hanging decorations on outside doors or walls.

Never Run Out

The thin profile on this product has a streamlined look on the wall. Strenco


The stronger a hook-and-loop fastener is, the thicker it is, and the more powerful the glue backing, which is ideal if you want it to hold large, heavy items for an indefinite period. But it’s not good if you’re hanging posters or foam boards on a wall, because it’s bulky and the glue is tough to remove. Thin hook-and-loop fasteners make for a clean, trim look, and you’ll be able to remove the backing from the wall easier than if it’s held on with heavy-duty adhesive. The same is true if you want to put a television remote within easy reach on a piece of furniture, because you may harm the wood when you’re trying to remove the powerful glue.

Easy to Use

You can use this product outdoors. VELCRO Brand


Hook-and-loop Velcro cable ties are ideal for turning a mess of cables along a living room wall into a tight unobtrusive bunch. Simply remove and reattach the tie as you add and remove cables. Hook-and-loop cable ties are also perfect for temporarily holding together items because they act like a clamp or a clasp. Use one to keep a bag closed, a screen door shut, a spare key hidden, a kayak paddle tethered to your kayak, a ponytail holder, even a facemask fitted comfortably to your head.