Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Waffle Maker

That vintage waffle maker you found at a garage sale may look cool, but when it comes to function, you may be missing a lot.

Waffles are the breakfast item that kids and adults alike love, so if you’re looking for new breakfast ideas, turn to waffles. You can make waffles sweet or savory, and serve a stack as a main dish, or a side to something like chicken. Even with just a little butter on them, these warm treats can be mouth-watering. Convinced you need a waffle maker? Here are three things to think about when making your purchase.


Messy breakfasts are not fun to cleanup, so look for a waffle maker with nonstick surfaces. Cuisinart

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Have you ever tried to cook with a nonstick pan? You probably did it once and decided to never do it again. The same goes for a waffle maker. Baking plates that are nonstick make your cooking and clean-up easy so you spend less time in the kitchen, and more time at the table.


A waffle maker with various cooking options will make it easier to cook to someone’s personal tastes. Cuisinart

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How cooked you like your meat, your eggs, your toast, or your waffles—these things are all a matter of preference. In order to please everyone in your house who wants waffles, the option for multiple cooking times is a must. From light to dark and everything in between, this feature promises a perfect waffle no matter what your definition of “perfect” might be.


A compact and lightweight waffle machine won’t get in the way of other appliances you use more often. Dash

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With all the kitchen gadgets that are a necessity in today’s world, the last thing you need is another clunky appliance crowding your space. This is especially true when it’s meant for making something that likely is not an everyday meal (like waffles). A lightweight waffle maker that takes up little space wins hearts.