Stinky feet aren’t at the top of anybody’s happy list. But often that’s the very first thing you notice at the end of a long hike, when those aromatic boots come off to everyone’s delight. Enter hiking sandals, which, thankfully, not only look and feel great but go a long way toward minimizing odor, in part because they are cooler to wear and also because of the materials used in their construction. Wear hiking sandals and leave the foot deodorizer home. Who needs the extra weight on the trail? Before you buy your next pair, look for fit and comfort, a style that suits you, and adjustability and support on the trail.

This popular women’s style fits well with multiple straps and hook and loop enclosures. Teva

A quality women’s hiking sandal will be specifically designed for women’s feet, which are typically wider at the forefoot and narrower at the heel than a man’s. A comfortable insole is important, and so is avoiding any tight or abrading points that could lead to blisters. With Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy policy it’s easy to choose the best fit and send back the rest.

These stylish hikers come in more than two dozen trendy colors. KEEN

Good hiking sandals shouldn’t need to skimp on style, which is one of the reasons they’re so multi-functional.

These hikers feature a reinforced midsole and adjustable heel riser for a secure fit and support. Chaco

Great women’s hiking sandals not only look good, they’re highly functional in supporting your feet. Look for arch support and midsole protection. Adjustable straps anchor both the instep and heel, and let you loosen for wearing socks or swelling feet and tighten for extra support. Hiking sandals come with both open and closed toe coverage to use depending on the terrain you’re crossing.