Three Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Water Bottle

A dog water bottle will keep your furry friend hydrated with no muss or fuss.

Hydration in canines is often overlooked by their owners. Like all mammals, sufficient water intake is important to keep dogs’ bodies functioning properly. Dogs typically require about an ounce of water per pound of body weight each day, so if your pooch weighs 35 pounds, he or she will need a little over two gallons each day to stay healthy. That can be difficult if you’re on the go, but many companies make specialized dog water bottles that help make the task of keeping your dog hydrated a little easier.

Two Sizes Available

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A well-hydrated dog is a healthier dog, as all organs require adequate water to function properly. However, keeping water handy when traveling can be a challenge. Portable dog water bottles that are easy to fill and dispense are the perfect solution to meet your dog’s daily water needs.

Easy to Clean

The large fold cap acts as a bowl and it is easy to carry with you. lesotc

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The amount of water you need to carry for your canine companion varies by the size of the dog and the climate where you live or travel. Larger dogs will need more water, while smaller ones require less to remain healthy. Additionally, in hot, dry climates, dogs will need more water than in cooler locales. If you take multiple dogs with you, having more than one water bottle will make it easier to keep your pooches hydrated.

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Having a healthy, happy dog will make you happy, too. For maximum convenience, look for a dog water bottle that has a built-in or built-on bowl so you won’t have to remember to bring one along. Also, water bottles constructed of food-grade materials won’t hurt your pooch if he or she decides to make a meal of it when you’re not watching. Lastly, picking a bottle that is leak proof will make life easier since you’ll have fewer messes to clean up!