Three Things To Consider When Buying Pet Grooming Wipes

Pet owners rejoice: Wipes aren’t just for babies anymore!

In decades past, wet wipes were the savior of moms and dads doing diaper changing duty, mainly because they work so well. Recently, however, wet wipes have been made for a wide variety of specialized uses, including pet grooming.

Unsurprisingly, not all pet grooming wipes are created equal. Let’s take a look at some factors that can help you choose grooming wipes that will make your job as a pet owner easier and, consequently, more enjoyable.

Available in Two Scents

These compostable pooch cleaners are free of alcohol and sulfates, so they can be safely used on a daily basis. Earth Rated

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Plant-based pet wipes are not only easy on your hands and pet, but also compostable after use. Whether you intend to use wipes for all-over bathing, wiping after bathroom breaks or cleaning paws after a trip to the yard, those with high-quality packaging will stay fresh and damp longer, saving you time and money in the long run.

Quilted Material

Made with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, these cleaners cover unpleasant scents while leaving a pleasant Green Tea aroma. Pogi’s Pet Supplies

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Controlling scent is one of the main reasons for bathing dogs, especially those that live inside the house. But it’s no secret some dogs hate water and are nearly impossible to bathe. Fortunately, many of those same dogs will stand still for a little lovin’—wiping them down with grooming wipes will get the job done with less mess and fuss. Pet wipes are available in a variety of different fragrances, so find your favorite and enjoy a fresher smelling home.

Safe for All Life Stages

These pet grooming towelettes can be purchased in quantities from 25 to 1,200, depending on how many pets you have and how dirty they tend to get. Nature’s Miracle

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Good pet grooming wipes are quite easy to use and are made to safely remove dirt, dander and odor. Some pet groom wipes are made for use only on dogs, so if you are shopping for wipes for a cat or other pet, read product descriptions carefully. Note that wipes with alcohol aren’t as good as alcohol-free wipes since the alcohol can dry out your dog’s skin and make him have an itchy, flakey coat.