Three Things to Know Before Buying a Label Maker

It’s the most fun you can have while organizing.

You will not believe how much your life can improve with a label maker. This small gadget has one job: print small, adhesive stickers with words on them. Yet, it can make a huge difference for boxes in the basement, spices in a cabinet, indistinguishable electronics chargers and so much more.

Fits in One Hand

This item’s traditional layout and tall, narrow design make typing on it easy. Amazon

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One of the best ways to use a label maker is for organizing spices. Spice cabinets tend to be a total nightmare for organization; all those different sized and shaped containers, plus if you’re buying them in those containers, you’re wasting the used ones. Instead, buy the plastic bags of spices, which are cheaper, and stick those in a uniform set of spice jars or containers. On those jars or containers? Labels, made with your fresh new labelmaker.

Also Prints Barcodes

With over 600 different symbols, nearly 100 different frames and 14 fonts, you can customize your prints. Amazon

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Another great way to use a label maker is for the myriad cables and cords that all our devices need. Can’t tell by sight which cord is USB-C, microUSB, Lightning or any of the round power cables littering the house? Use a labelmaker to print a label (“Mom’s Laptop Charger,” for example) and wrap it around the cable, adhering it to itself like a tag. Confusion: gone.

Keyboard-Free Printer

Simply use the associated app on your device to design a sticker and send it to the printer. Amazon

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Bluetooth technology has allowed for label makers to become even more compact and wire-free. Many can fit on a corner of your desk, printing anything you send from an app on your phone. Some even support multiple colors of tape, so you can customize your labels even further.