Three Things To Know Before You Buy An Upright Freezer

Upright freezers are best for those who need extra freezer space but don’t have room for a chest freezer. Here are three things to consider before you buy one.

Who couldn’t use a little extra freezer space? Whether stockpiling frozen pizzas or putting the spoils of a recent hunt or fishing trip on ice, an upright freezer provides much-needed additional capacity. And with a smaller footprint than most chest freezers, it’s not difficult to find a place for an upright unit in a crowded garage or basement.

Find Items Quickly

Internal racks and compartments make it easier to organize frozen foods. Kismile

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Aside from one or two small hanging baskets, chest freezers provide little opportunity to organize your frozen goods, making it difficult to quickly find what you’re looking for. An upright freezer, however, has multiple shelves and compartments in the door that allow for customized organization.

Easy to Store

If you only need a small amount of space, a compact unit will typically suit your needs better than a chest-style model. Whynter

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Even the smallest chest freezers can take up a considerable amount of space. Small upright freezers, with capacities as low as one or two cubic feet, are easily tucked out of the way under a counter or work bench.

Compact Option

Storing in a prominent place? Consider a modern-looking finish. E Euhomy

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Whereas most chest freezers look like nothing more than plain, white boxes, upright freezers are typically available in more appealing finishes like brushed metal. If aesthetics is important, an upright freezer will offer more options.