Three Things to Know Before You Buy a Weighted Blanket

Having trouble sleeping? Swaddling up under a weighted blanket could help you solve that problem.

You’ve heard all about these weighted blankets, but a quick search reveals all kinds of options you didn’t know existed. How much weight do you need? What fabrics do you want? How are you going to clean it? These three tips will help you find the right option.

Like a Hug

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Weighted blankets generally come in five pound increments, starting at five pounds and reaching as high as 30 (don’t strain your back!). The general rule of thumb is to pick a blanket that’s about 10 percent of your body weight, maybe plus a little. It’s important to note that weighted blankets are not recommended for kids under three years old or under 50 pounds, because they may suffocate. For kids, err on the side of caution and lean toward a lighter blanket.

Temperature Control

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Weighted blankets get their weight from pockets of beads integrated into the fabric. The beads may be made of glass, plastic, or ceramic. Generally speaking, the blankets that use glass will be thinner than the plastic-beaded blankets of the same weight, because glass is a heavier material. Speaking of material, take note of what the cover is made of. Cotton and micro fibers will help keep things cool, while plush, minky material will be warming. Regardless, if your blanket doesn’t have a removable cover, we recommend you buy one with it, as most home washing machines can’t handle the weight.

For Single Sleepers

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Unlike normal bedding, weighted blankets aren’t generally sized as twin/full/queen/king, but simply written out in inches. This is for a couple of reasons. First is that most of these blankets are made for individuals, and so they’re just designed to cover one person (though larger ones are available). That makes it so one person can use it without disturbing their partner if they prefer light blankets. Also, make sure your blanket doesn’t droop over the edge of your bed, as gravity may pull the whole thing to the floor.

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