Three Things To Know Before You Buy A Gaming Mouse

Elite gamers play on PCs, not consoles. Want to keep up with them? Better get a killer mouse.

A responsive, finely tuned gaming mouse can recognize your hand movements milliseconds faster than lesser models. Such a small fraction of time may seem trivial but it’s actually the difference between the barrel of your gun flaring wildly or hitting its target during key flick shots. No one size mouse fits all, as there are many factors to consider.

Loaded with Options

Two sets of weights and six mounting locations offer 120 different weight and balance configurations. Corsair

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No gamer’s hand is built the same. Having a mouse you can tune to your grip will help you strangle the competition.

High-Tech Design

Use this to quickly shift from pixel-precise targeting to high-speed maneuvers. Logitech G

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When you move your mouse, how far do you want your cursor (or crosshairs) to move on screen? 500 meter headshots require precise fine adjustments, while coarser movements work better in close quarters. Some gaming mouses let you adjust this sensitivity (measured in DPI, or Dots Per Inch) with a simple click of a button.

Easy to Use

This supports macro editing and gives you an edge during intense FPS battles. PICTEK

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Supports macro editing and eight mouse buttons can be programmed with PICTEK easy-to-program gaming software. The Rapid Fire button gives you an edge during intense FPS battles.