Three Things to Look for in a Desktop Organizer

Keep all your necessary files within arm’s reach.

It can be hard to keep track of your own documents, your kid’s homework and any other miscellaneous papers that make their way onto a desk. Enter the desk organizer, which does exactly as it promises—stashes your documents in a way that lets you find the paper you’re looking for with only a quick glance.

Sturdy and Stylish

Crafted of sustainable material (it’s actually a grass!), this product will keep you tidy. MissionMax

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Not all of your documents are of equal importance, but it’s helpful to keep them in one place. An organizer with upright storage lets you keep your most pressing papers front and center, and the forms you reach for less in the shelf below.

Variety Storage

Your favorite pens will never go missing with this model. Simple Houseware

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Papers aren’t the only thing you want to keep organized in your desk. Keep sticky notes, pens and pencils, a stapler and other desk accessories handy with an organizer that boasts multiple trays and drawers.

Also Great for Laptops

Raising your computer prevents you from crouching over it and wrecking your posture. Simple Houseware

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Keep your files neatly tucked away and lessen neck and eye strain with an organizer that doubles as a monitor riser for your computer. This makes it easy for you and your kids to complete online assignments.