Coffee pod machines have revolutionized the way we get coffee. These machines offer a hot, energizing cup of joe in just about a minute. All of these use a basic premise for coffee brewing—pop a small coffee pod in the machine, close the top and let it puncture the pod, press start and water is pulled up through a pre-filled tank. The water then gets heated by super hot coils on the way to the coffee pod, passes through the punctured pod and et voila! You have a cup of coffee ready to sip in about a minute.

Three Mug Sizes

Simple to use model makes a cup of joe at the touch of a button. Features auto-shut off after two hours. Keurig

If you want the convenience of a pod machine but are hesitant about the extra packaging waste produced by the pods themselves, make sure you purchase a machine with the capability to brew your own beans in a compatible, reusable pod. Some machines also have an instant drip function as well, which makes it possible to brew a cup or a pot at a time with your favorite roast.

Dual Function

Features the convenience of a premeasured capsule of the good stuff with the option to prepare it the old-fashioned way. Sboly

A common concern about coffee pod machines is the ability to really clean all of the water lines, heating coils and tanks. Pod machines have internal temperature sensors that keep the water for becoming too hot and ruining your coffee. However, this means that warmth and wetness create ideal circumstances for mold and fungus to flourish. Luckily, many pod machines can be dismantled and cleaned thoroughly—others even have a self-cleaning function.

Exceptional Quality

Spins pod at 7,000 RPM, rapidly swishing hot water to create a cafe-worthy cup of liquid sunshine. Nestle Nespresso

One great aspect of pod machines is they use a very small amount of coffee—less than two tablespoons per single brew. Not only does this mean less food waste, it also means you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality if you choose a machine that swishes the coffee inside the pod (think centrifuge) to extract the best flavor possible. Machines with a centrifugal brewing system cost a bit more than a basic, straight water shot system, but make a big impact on the taste and mouthfeel of your brew.

Also Consider

Runs Hot And Cold

Attractive design that also allows a cool, refreshing glass of java. Keurig

High Volume Capability

Prep a mug or a pot at a time using pre-measured pods or your own beans. Produces 8-96 ounces in a single shot. Keurig