Kitchen space is one of the great magical tricks of the home. No matter how much you have, you’ll eventually fill it—and then you’ll end up tossing the stand mixer or ice cream maker in a closet or on top of the fridge where it will sit, lonely and collecting dust. Don’t let that happen: snag a kitchen storage cart and keep everything on hand and organized.

Basic Pick

The levels on this cart are fully adjustable and it comes in multiple size options. Amazon

One great option to have in a kitchen storage cart is adjustable shelves. Many carts have shelves that can be raised and lowered, or even added and removed, to suit your kitchen storage needs. If you have something especially tall—maybe a tagine or kettle—you shouldn’t have to buy a cart based simply on whether the shelves are in the right configuration. Moveable shelves enable you to maximize storage.

Best Overall

This model offers many different options to place items: you can hang them, toss them in a basket or place them on a shelf—wherever they fit best. Amazon

Many kitchen carts are topped with wood, which allows them to double as extra counter space. This is great! But you don’t necessarily want to use them as cutting boards. For one thing, it’s much harder to clean a surface that you can’t put into a sink for scrubbing. For another, with some exceptions, these surfaces aren’t made to be used as cutting boards. They may be made out of a material like bamboo, which is too hard and can blunt your knives, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is constructed with glues and other materials that you don’t want getting in your food.

Deluxe Pick

With doors, this unit allows you to put equipment, dishes and other tools fully out of sight. Amazon

Many kitchen carts are designed to be moved around. Take a close look at the casters when you purchase one: some are simple wheels, some are feet which don’t move at all and some are casters with locking mechanisms to keep them in one place when desired. These casters don’t really affect how much weight a cart can handle, but it will affect whether you can move the cart around to different parts of the kitchen.