Three Things To Look For In A Storage Shed

Solve your where-do-I-put-this? problems for good.

If you’re thinking about investing in a storage shed, you know there are several factors to making a good choice. Size, construction, finish and function are just a few elements to consider in your hunt for the perfect solution. We’ve done our research for all of the must-haves in a great shed, and here’s what we found.

Light and Airy

This product boasts a skylight to keep things feeling bright and cheerful. KETER

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Sheds are made in a variety of materials: wood, metal, resin and plastic. All have their benefits and drawbacks. However, if you’re looking for a structure that requires almost zero upkeep, consider a shed made from lightweight resin. It’s weatherproof, will never rust and is impervious to termites and other outdoor pests. Many come with a steel frame, which also means that they can endure heavy snowfall and falling debris.

For Tight Spaces

If you just need to fit a few bits and bobs, this durable option might be just the right size. KETER

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Because sheds can accommodate vertical storage for things like bikes, tools, lawn furniture, etc., it’s not necessary to get the biggest structure available. Knowing how much storage space you need vs. how much yard square footage you can spare is key to choosing just the right sized shed for your needs.

Cabin Appeal

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If you’re looking for a shed that will add charm to your property, not just storage capacity, consider a wood outbuilding with features like shutters, windows and planting boxes.

Make It Your Own

Compatible with this brand’s shelving and other items, you can make this product exactly what you need. Rubbermaid

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If you tend to store bulky items like lawn mowers, bicycles and/or bike trailers or furniture in your shed, consider one with double doors for easy access.