A toddler table and chair set is a great playroom staple. Not only can it provide a central place for coloring and crafts, but it can minimize meltdowns by providing a sturdy work surface. The right table and chair set depends on how many kids will be regularly using it, and should be something sturdy, easy to wipe down and free of any sharp corners. Here are the options we think check those boxes.

Cute and Compact

Attached surface and drawer provides space to stow supplies plus a flat work area for drawing or playing. Delta Children

A desk and chair unit can be a great addition to a living room or den, giving small kids a space to color while other family members are hanging out on the couch. Look for sets with built-in storage space, so there’s no more wondering where you last put the crayons or markers.

Easy to Assemble

Sturdy, durable and designed for children ages 3-8, this unit is great for encouraging siblings or friends to work together. Melissa & Doug

Some table and chair sets are designed for younger kids, while others have room for older kids, too. It’s also important to assess fit for yourself, too. While you may not want to perch on the chairs, you want a table you can reach while kneeling or sitting on the floor, so you can also engage in crafting with your kids.

Playdate Ready

The seats are colorful and sturdy, and lightweight construction makes the pieces easy to move. Humble Crew

Cleanliness counts. You’ll likely be wiping down tables and chairs often, so make sure you get a set that can withstand frequent cleaning. It’s also important to consider where the table and chairs will be used. For example, plastic sets may be easier to move outdoors when the weather is nice.