It may not be the first rule of safe driving, but rolling down the window to toss out litter is a definite no-no on the road. Every car deserves an easily accessible bin where drivers and passengers can deposit trash during long and short rides. Before buying a new one, here are some features to keep in mind.

Easy Fit

Capable of holding nearly two gallons of trash, it has a strap that can extend to fit around most fastening points in the vehicle. KMMOTORS

A car bin with thermal lining can moonlight as a cooler for drinks and snacks when you’re on a long road trip. And even if you already have something for storing beverages, a vinyl liner’s waterproof properties will still come in handy when it comes to keeping moisture from soiling the bin’s fabric.

An adjustable strap allows you to place it pretty much anywhere in your auto, and it comes with hooks for attaching extra disposable bags. Lusso Gear

There are several benefits to choosing a bin made of fabric over one that’s plastic. First, the bag is less weighty and can more easily switch positions inside your car. Cloth bins also often come with side pockets for miscellaneous items like sanitizer and tissues. For aesthetic purposes, fabric is more likely to blend in with the car’s interior than plastic. One more pro: cleaning it is as simple as putting it in the washer.

This product also comes with a 20-pack of disposable bags. Drive Auto Products

On a long road trip or in a large SUV, you might want to switch up where your trash can is stationed. Look for a design with a clip-on strap that can be hooked to any seat, headrest or door handle for maximum versatility.

Covered Option

Hide tissues and wet wipes or your recyclables in the three side pockets. High Road

A flimsy trash can may fall in your car, leaving you in a messier state than you were before. Look for a design with panels in the front and back to keep it upright.