Three Things to Look for in All-purpose Gloves

A good pair of protective gloves will keep your hands warm, safe from injury, and let you continue doing what you need to do in the cold.

From hunting and shooting to paddling, construction, and cold-weather protection, there probably is not a single glove that will do everything in the outdoors. But if there was an SUV equivalent in the glove market, a glove that would have you covered in every pursuit, what would it look like? Check out the features of these multi-purpose hand warmers, which make great gifts for any active outdoorsman.


If freedom of movement is important to you, be prepared to wear a less-insulated glove. PIG


As with any type of product design, gloves are a matter of compromise. The warmer a glove is, the less mobility you will have while wearing them. If dexterity is paramount, look for a thinner all-purpose glove with touchscreen capabilities.


The warmer your hands are inside a glove, the more important ventilation pulls the moisture out and away. FREETOO


The more active you are, or the warmer the climate, the more critical ventilation becomes. Gloves with ports above each finger will help them breath and remain comfortable in warmer weather.


Look for gloves made with tough material and stitching that aligns it all in protective areas. Glove Station


For the most active types, protection becomes at least as important as warmth, breathability, or dexterity. A combination of soft leathers and synthetic materials body mapped to the most vulnerable parts of the hand, including hardened panels over the knuckles, are the best way to ensure full protection.