Playing a game of pool with friends or family is one of the sublime pleasures of homeownership. The game is fun and competitive, it requires skill, but you can also have a conversation and enjoy a good brew while playing. It’s a reward for all of your hard work, a place to unwind and entertain, and a sanctuary when you need one. So, when it comes time to put together a home billiards room, make sure every element you choose complements another from the start.

This model has lack felt, a birch frame, and leather-covered drop pockets. Barrington Billiards

The billiards table you choose will be the center of attention in the room, so invest in one that’s made well and looks good. Make sure your table has a solid playing surface, a quality felt top and well-crafted cushions. Balls that bank erratically or roll inconsistently detract from the pleasure of the game.

Great Value

The high-quality resin on this collection is scratch and impact resistant. Aramith

Billiard balls must be perfectly round with a uniform density so they roll well—and every one of them must be identical. The best balls are also built to resist chipping, scratching, and marking. Invest in a quality set of billiard balls, so you’ll never have to worry about inconsistencies that can lead to missed shots.

Also Consider

This model shields the sides as well as the surface. Kohree

Tables get bumped, dinged, and scratched. Tables are places where people put stuff, and no matter how many times you tell family and friends to not put anything on the pool table, someone will, sooner or later. If that thing is a drink, it might get knocked over, go right through that bedsheet you repurposed as a dust cover, and damage the table. Do yourself a favor and invest in a full-sized waterproof cover so you won’t ever have that worry.