Congrats! You’ve decided to get into yoga. Be ready for some great positive changes to come your way. But before you jump the gun, there are some tools you’re going to need to call yourself an official yogi. It doesn’t take much, but the three things we suggest adding to your yoga starter set include a yoga mat, yoga pants, and dumbbells.

Yoga Mat

Don’t try to do yoga without a mat. BalanceFrom

At the bare minimum, you need a yoga mat in order to practice this exercise. Thus, this purchase should be the first one in your yoga starter set. You want to look for a mat that is extra thick, that helps to prevent tears from happening, and one that won’t slip on you during class. It’s also nice to have a carrying strap for ease of transport to and from class, or wherever you and your yoga mat decide to practice.

Yoga Pants

You need to look the part, too. Four-way Stretch

You want to show up to yoga wearing clothes that allow you to perform each of the movements with the greatest ease. And yoga pants are the ideal way to do that (go figure!). You want pants for your yoga starter set that are comfortable, and most people find that high-waisted yoga pants make them feel their best. The great thing about these is they are versatile. You can use them for far more than just practicing yoga.


Supplement your yoga moves with some weights. AmazonBasics

There are a number of yoga moves that provide the opportunity to incorporate weights and add more challenge to your practice so when you’re ready to get your yoga starter set moving, consider buying some dumbbells. You can use these in and out of your yoga practice, and they are easy to take with you on the go. Look for a dumbbell set that comes with a stand for easy and organized storage.