Three Things You Need to Grow the Perfect Tomato

Love tomatoes but having trouble growing your own? These three things will help.

Nothing says summer better than a well-ripened, sun-warmed heirloom tomato eaten right off the vine. Tomato perfection is admittedly subjective, and depends somewhat on whether you’re growing for market or simply growing for taste. While the weather might be out of control, today’s gardeners can manage these three things to grow perfect tomatoes, even without lots of garden space.

Easy Assembly

Small and versatile enough for apartment dwellers. Keter

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Commercial planting boxes like this Keter Urban Bloomer will hold two tomato plants, is self-watering, portable enough to follow the seasonal sun and designed for stand-up gardening, a blessing for those with back issues. Planter boxes offer a more controlled growing environment for tomatoes, making it much easier for the gardener to plan for and monitor soil nutrients, diseases and pests.

Reduces Drought Stress

Perfect tomatoes grow best in a quality medium like this. Espoma

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Using quality soil mixes to grow tomatoes is an art. Soil test kits, soil supplements, composting and other strategies can result in a quality mix for your tomatoes, or you can buy it ready to go, like this Espoma Organic Potting Soil mix. The 8 quart bag is easy to move around and is an excellent choice for growing tomatoes.

All Natural

This will help your tomatoes grow larger and be disease-free. Jobe’s Organics

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Properly applied fertilizers can grow more vigorous tomato plants, assist with setting and growing larger fruit, and combat nutrient-related diseases like blossom end rot. This Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer is specifically formulated for tomatoes.