Three Things You Need to Make a Great Omelet

A good omelet made with farm-fresh eggs can be a true culinary delight for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

A great omelet is a thing of beauty in more ways than one. Not only does it taste great, it also looks so good it can make you hungry even after you’ve eaten. Omelets made with farm-fresh eggs are even better. Unfortunately, many people have tried and failed at omelet making, thinking they just don’t have the magic touch. More likely, what they don’t have is the right tools for the job. If you want to make a great omelet, here are three things you’ll need.

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Aside from good, fresh eggs, a nonstick omelet pan is probably the most critical piece of equipment to making your soon-to-be omelet masterpiece. Regardless of what material an omelet pan is made from, a good one has a nonstick surface. This is important since flipping an omelet is required to cook it just right on both sides. The size of the pan is also an important consideration. Omelet pans are generally between 8 and 12 inches in diameter. An 8- to 9-inch pan is fine if you’ll mostly be making omelets for one person, but a larger pan is more versatile if you’ll sometimes be making omelets to serve more than one.

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Since there’s basically no end to the different things you can put in your omelet—meats, vegetables, herbs, or otherwise—you’ll want a good chef’s knife or set of chopping knives. A good chef’s knife will be sharp right out of the box. If it isn’t, send it back and buy another one. Things to consider when choosing a chef’s knife include weight, balance, size, grip material, and grip texture. An 8-inch chef’s knife is the most popular size for amateur cooks. Just remember that chopping is always easier with a very sharp knife, so keep a sharpener around to put a clean, sharp edge on your knife before every other use or so.

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It might sound silly, but a good spatula is also an important omelet tool. No, that old, half-melted spatula you’ve had for 15 years that just happens to be sitting on the counter by the stove won’t do the job. After you’ve poured egg mixture in your pan, you’ll use a spatula to gently move cooked egg from the edges of the pan to the center. Later, you’ll use your spatula to fold the omelet in half before serving. A good omelet spatula should have flexible edges to conform to rounded pan edges and easily glide under the omelet without tearing it.