Three Things to Look For in a Three-Chamber Shower Dispenser

Rub a dub dub, the soap’s not in the tub!

Shower dispensers are used in gyms and hotels, but are just as functional for your own home. Not only can they keep your shower and bath clutter-free, but they make it easy to get the amount you need and minimize waste. Here’s what to consider when picking out a soap dispenser for your home.

Easy to Clean

Constructed from water-resistant plastic, installed with waterproof adhesive, and simple to refill. Better Living

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A dispenser can be a great add to any bathroom, eliminating the need to store multiple bottles near the tub. Look for models with three chambers to keep shampoo, conditioners, and body wash separate. A wide opening at the top of the container means no mess when refilling.

Units Can Be Removed

Includes storage hooks for razors, loofahs and other shower accessories. Better Living

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A larger dispenser is great for a high-trafficked bathroom or guest bathrooms, where you can fill prior to a visit without worrying that guests will run out. Many units also come with stickers to customize your dispenser with the right label for each product—shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.

Two Different Designs

Features a clog-free pump and requires no tools to install. HotelSpa

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Dispensers can be great for kids who are old enough to shower alone, but may not yet grasp the concept of just how much shampoo and conditioner is enough. The dispenser allows for volume control, so it’s easy to tell a shower-bound kiddo to stop at two squeezes before they hit the water.