Three Features You Need in a Hot Air Hairbrush

If you’re tired of doing damage to your hair with a conventional blow dryer, you should consider using a hot brush instead.

Woman using a hot brush
Hot air hairbrushes make styling easy and are less damaging to your locks.Hot Tools Professional

While hairdryers are still a great tool, you may want to look to hot air hairbrushes for a new way to dry your hair that also simultaneously styles it. Getting everything done with one tool sounds pretty great, right? There are three things about hot air brushes that will make your life much better: speed options to get your hair dried just right, even heat, and silky-smooth hair.

Speed Options

HOT TOOLS Professional Charcoal Infused One Step Blowout
Sometimes you need just a light dry, while other times you need more power, so make sure your hairbrush has various settings.HOT TOOLS

Do you ever have those days when your hair is mostly dry but needs just a bit of a touch-up? Do you also have those days when your hair is drenched, and you need to get it styled and out the door ASAP? A hot air hairbrush works great in either situation, thanks to multiple speed options. Look for a tool that gives you at least two different heat settings so you can give your hair just what it needs.

Even Heat

John Frieda Hot Air Brush
A well-constructed barrel should distribute heat evenly.John Frieda

When looking for a hot air hairbrush, go for one that has a titanium ceramic barrel. This type of barrel provides even heat distribution so there’s less effort on your part. It also keeps your hair from getting overly damaged and gives you that salon look without the price tag.

Silky Smooth Hair

Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure
Put the finishing touch on your hair so it’s left silky smooth.MiroPure

A hot air hairbrush that seals your hair cuticles will keep the frizz from happening and instead leave your hair looking silky smooth—which we all know is a difficult look to achieve. This also helps reduce those pesky split ends and keeps your hair healthier in the long-term, so you don’t have to worry about damage. The addition of a glove ensures your safety while styling your hair, thus covering all your bases.