Three Features You Need in A Portable Jump Starter

Portable, rechargeable, electric jump starters are so lightweight, easy to stow, and effective, it’s foolish not to keep one in your vehicle.

Those moments when your truck won’t start have to be on the top ten list for the world’s worst sinking feelings. Dead batteries happen, and usually at the most inconvenient times, like when you’re late getting your mother-in-law to the airport. While today’s vehicles are more goof-proof with their automatic lights-off features, savvy truck owners hedge their bets by carrying a portable jump starter for those “just-in-case” moments. Here are some things to consider:

Super Lighweight

This model weighs just 7.5 pounds. NOCO

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While you hope it’ll only take one shot to bring your truck battery back online, you want to make sure your charger has got the power and is appropriately rated for your battery and vehicle. Portable chargers are rated for amperage. Look for the number of times they can be used before requiring a re-charge, and whether it will fit your particular vehicle.

Easy to Use

This product can operate 20 times before needing recharging. NOCO

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Size matters when your storage space is limited. Some portable jump starters come in compact and convenient sizes, making options for stowing that much easier.

Bonus Items

This model includes a protective cover. Clore Automotive

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Today’s portable jump starters are power packs you can use for additional functions—beyond the emergency situations when you just need to start your truck. Some models offer flashlights, emergency signaling, and multi-charging ports for USB and other devices.

Also Consider

This model is equipped with an LED light. NOCO

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This product has 425 cranking amps. Clore Automotive

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