There’s no question that a quality home theater sound system greatly enhances the audio experience. Whether making dinner to Maroon 5 or the Jonas Brothers, playing a wild Grand Theft Auto video game or immersed in the latest Star Wars movie, you need the ability to both hear the most nuanced sound as well as crank the volume up to distortion-free 10. Fortunately, there are a number of reasonably-priced high-quality systems on today’s market. Three factors to consider are your Bluetooth connectivity needs, how much bass you prefer, and the convenience of set-up and use.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This popular system offers Bluetooth streaming with 4K connectivity and wireless surround sound. JBL

Your playlist is on your smartphone. Your movies are on your tablet. That’s why you want Bluetooth connectivity with your home theater sound system. Why should you have a complicated set-up and connection with a computer when your home theater sound system can play directly from your devices? Your music will never sound better!

Bass is the place

This reasonably priced system can deliver 1,000 watts of peak power through a ported sub-woofer. Logitech

You need to feel the bass in your solar plexus. You can rattle windows, break the china, and watch the light fixture vibrate, but if you’re not feeling that bass in your gut it isn’t good enough. You might not need it all the time, but you’ll appreciate it when you do.


This “home theater in a box” system features a microphone-supported sound adjustment process that enables fine tuning of the audio experience. Yamaha Audio

It shouldn’t take a sound technician to set up your home theater sound system. Easy-to-follow instructions, online support, and intuitive directions all make the set-up easy. Operating the system with an easy-to-use remote is important.