Three Great Gifts for Kids Who Like Toy Cars

If your child has more toy cars than he or she knows what to do with, a track set is a great racing venue.

Since Henry Ford’s factories began churning out vehicle after vehicle, die-cast cars have been a popular child’s toy. It might seem like every single one ever made currently resides in your basement or kid’s playroom, and we promise you’re not alone in thinking that. If you’ve sworn off buying any more cars (for now), but your child still wants something toy car related, consider one of these three great track sets.

Super Ultimate Garage

This track set is recommended for kids between the ages of 5 and 9. Hot Wheels

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This is literally one of the largest playsets ever made, standing over three feet tall and capable of storing more than 140 cars. With racing tracks, a car maintenance station, a motorized elevator, a wall-scaling giant gorilla, and a fighter jet, the Super Ultimate Garage might be the last car playset you ever have to buy.

Colossal Crash Track Set

Six D-sized batteries are required to operate this massive track set. Hot Wheels

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If you’re of the mind that toy cars should be played with and not kept on a shelf, and don’t mind if they suffer a few dings or chipped paint, consider this giant collision course. The double-figure-eight track is more than five feet wide, and motorized boosters increase the likelihood of mid-air mayhem.

Criss Cross Crash Track Set

This set comes with one toy car. Hot Wheels

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This track set—with its cloverleaf loops, hairpin turns, motorized boosters, and crash zone—will be the scene of heart-pounding near misses and spectacular collisions, alike.