Three Great Gift Ideas for New Dads

The birth of a baby means some guy’s life is about to change, but there are some things you can get him to help adapt.

Did someone you know became a dad? That’s great! Fatherhood is a gift and provides numerous lifetime rewards. Unfortunately for the new father, sleep isn’t one of them. Neither is a lot of time to devote to his appearance or physical condition. So, if there’s a guy in your life who has become a father—especially for the first time—there are a few gifts that are especially appropriate. Here are three that he’ll surely appreciate.

Strong Coffee

Give that new dad some Death Wish coffee—the world’s strongest—so he’ll be able to function after a night spent tending to a sleepless infant. Death Wish Coffee Co.

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Babies sleep, but not for long periods and often not when you want to sleep yourself. They also need to eat, and not always during adult mealtimes. Repeated 2 a.m. feedings can turn even the most hale and cheery fellow into a mumbling baggy-eyed zombie. A good cup of strong coffee can be a lifesaver on those mornings after a night spent warming formula, changing diapers, wiping away spit-up and singing Rock-a-Bye Baby to a baby who reacted as if Dad was singing Twistin’ the Night Away instead.

Nice Bathrobe

The Alexander Del Rossa plush fleece bathrobe has deep pockets, a hood, inner and outer ties, and is available in 18 colors and patterns. Alexander Del Rossa

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Dealing with a baby means staying home a lot, getting out of bed at various times of the night, having a lot of baby fluids spurting from various baby orifices onto you, and having very little time to do things like shower or put on pants. That’s why new dads spend a lot of time in bathrobes, sometimes even when they’re in a semi-public place like an elevator or a parking lot. Get that new dad a bathrobe that’s comfortable, warm, and good-looking.

Exercise Bike

The Xterra FB150 fitness bike folds into a small package small enough to fit into a closet and is quiet to operate, so it won’t wake baby. XTERRA Fitness

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That new dad may be a member of a local gym, but chances are he’s not spending a lot of time there. While dealing with a baby can be demanding physically, it’s nowhere near the same as a good workout. An exercise bike that folds up and can be stowed in a closet can quickly get those dad endorphins pumping again during baby’s nap time and won’t take up much room.