Bicycling is a very popular pastime for a number of reasons, ranging from transportation to exercise. When it comes to buying gifts for your bicycling friend or family member, it can be hard to make a selection. Bicyclists don’t need much, but some would like a small gadget or two to take along on their rides, or some tools to help them tinker their way towards the best performing bike possible. So, to help you shop for a gift for your favorite cyclist, here are a few ideas they’ll appreciate.

Great Value

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Having a phone along on a bicycle ride has many advantages. Not only can it allow someone to summon help in the case of an emergency, but many cyclists have GPS programs on their phones they use for navigation. Unfortunately, the spandex bike shorts worn by many cyclists don’t provide much room for a smartphone. And trying to hold it in other ways not built for the job can be downright dangerous. That’s where a good bike phone mount comes into play. Look for a phone mount that has an easy mounting mechanism that fits handlebars of various sizes. Other features that make a phone mount more useful are a rotating head, sturdy construction to keep phones safe in case of an accident, and full access to the phone’s screen when it is in the mount.

Top Pick

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Bicycle repair stands are among the most useful tools a bicyclist can own. If you’ve ever tried to work on a bicycle without a decent platform, you’ve experienced the frustration of doing routine maintenance without the proper tools. Lightweight aluminum stands are easiest to carry around, but make sure they are heavy-duty enough that they won’t break down the first time a bike is mounted on them. Features to look for in a good bicycle repair stand include a quick-release rotating head for getting a bike in just the right position, a wide range of height adjustments, and a no-scratch plastic clamp that holds bikes tight.

Also Consider

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If a bicyclist doesn’t have a top-quality tire pump, he’s likely in a pretty bad mood about half of the time he goes for a ride. For some reason, many cyclists skimp to try to save a few dollars when purchasing tire pumps and end up buying problems for themselves. That’s why tire pumps make such great gifts for friends and relatives. A good, versatile bike pump should air up tires to high pressures of 150 psi or more. An easy-to-read gauge is a plus, since it’s important to have just the right amount of air in bicycle tires. Also, look for a pump with a reversible head that easily swaps back and forth to fit both Presta and Schrader valves, and you’ve likely found one that will make a cyclist happy.