Photo by Azmathulla Shaik on Unsplash
Love Marvel? Marvel loves you back. (As long as you’re buying their toys). Photo by Azmathulla Shaik on Unsplash Photo by Azmathulla Shaik on Unsplash

Just when you thought the Marvel Universe couldn’t get any bigger… Here are three gift ideas for any child obsessed with superheroes.

For the Builder

This 524-piece LEGO set is rated for kids 7 years and older. LEGO

Combining the awesomeness of the Avengers and the creativity-inspiring power of LEGOs in one great toy, the 524-piece Iron Man Hall of Armor will provide hours of fun for your Marvel-loving tyke. The set includes detachable modules that can be configured in different ways, an Igor Suit mech, and six mini figures.

For the Racer

The cars in this set are compatible with Hot Wheels tracks. Hot Wheels

Take the crime fighting to the streets with this set of five Marvel superhero-themed Hot Wheels cars. The cars are the size of standard Hot Wheels and modeled after Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and Hawkeye.

For the Make-Believer

The capes in this costume collection feature Velcro for easy on-off. Roko

Your little hero will be able to dress up as a different Marvel character nearly every day of the week with this set of six satin capes and felt masks. With such a wide range of costumes to choose from—including Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk and more—this collection is ideal for parties and large playdates.