Three Great Gifts for Kids Who Love Spider-Man

If you know a kid who’s obsessed with Spider-Man, here are three gift ideas that would be a welcome addition to his or her collection.

Kids playing with Spiderman LEGOs
Kids love superheroes, and one of the most imaginative, is Peter Parker’s alter ego, Spider-man.LEGO

Few superheroes are more relatable to children than Spider-Man, who went from unassuming teen to fearless, wise-cracking crime fighter with the simple bite of a spider. If your child already has more Spider-Man action figures than he or she knows what to do with, consider one of these Spidey-themed gift ideas instead.


Spiderman Thermos
Keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours with this Spidey-themed Thermos.Thermos

Swinging from building to building fighting bad guys all day can be thirsty work. Make sure your little web slinger stays hydrated with this 12-ounce Thermos. The spring-loaded lid opens with a push of a button and a straw pops up for easy sipping.

Hot Wheels Car

Marvel Hot Wheels Spider-man Web-Car Launcher
Push down on the spoiler to focus the eyes on the windshield prior to launching the web car.Hot Wheels

With this large Spider-Man themed car, kids can zoom from one adventure to the next. A push of the spoiler launches the included web car to take out villains. The launcher also works with most standard-size Hot Wheels cars.


LEGO Super Heroes Marvel Spider Mech Vs. Venom Action Toy Building Kit
This LEGO set is rated for kids 8 years and over.LEGO

Save Aunt May from the clutches of the evil Venom with this 604-piece kit. Kids will love pitting the 5-inch-tall Spider-Man mech against the 8-inch-tall Venom mech. The four minifigures include Spider-Man, Venom, Ghost Spider and Aunt May.