Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise there is. Not only is it a total body workout, but it’s a great survival mechanism to have, too. Of course, we don’t do quite as well in the water as our fishy friends. Seeing is harder, and we’re not nearly as streamline. It’s also tough to keep track of the drills you’re running. Read on, though, because these three simple things can really improve the way you (or someone you love) swims.


These affordable goggles are comfortable and leak resistant with cushy silicone liners, and the lenses have an anti-fog coating. Comes with a plastic case. aegend

Anybody who has put their faces in the water and opened their eyes knows that our aquatic vision is blurry at best. Not only is it hard to see, but it’s uncomfortable, with water pushing back your eyelids and messing with the delicate pH balance of your tears. Thankfully, we have goggles. Comfort is the most important factor, and you certainly don’t want them to leak in the middle of you set. Also look for goggles that don’t fog up easily, and that come with a case to keep them from getting scratched. They’re cheaper than you think!

Swim Watch

The Charge 3 can track your swims, along with 14 other exercises. It also provides 24/7 activity and heart rate monitoring, in a sleek, low-profile package. Fitbit

Unlike land-based exercises, it can be tricky to track your swims. It’s exceedingly easy to lose count of your laps while you’re focusing on being efficient (and not accidentally breathing in water). It’s also tougher to chart your progress, since you can’t just jot things down in a pad of paper. That’s why a swim watch is such a valuable tool. Look for one that counts your laps and tracks your time at the very least. Some more expensive bands will even count your strokes.

Swim Cap

This no-nonsense silicone caps is a breeze to put on and take off. It’s strong, doesn’t pull your hair, and helps you glide through the water. Speedo

Even if you have short hair, some pools will not let you swim without a cap. Beyond that, though, your hair adds a significant amount of friction in the water, so covering with a smooth swim cap will greatly improve your glide and efficiency. When it comes to caps, materials matter. There are a lot of materials to choose from. Latex tears easily and may irritate some people’s skin. Lycra is solid, but it takes a while to dry. Silicone is a great balance. It’s strong, offers great slip through the water, it doesn’t pull your hair, and it even helps insulate your head in a cold pool.