Three Great Gifts for Retirees

Terrific “send off” items for the person who can now focus on his or her interests instead of the job.

Stepping out of the daily grind is a momentous occasion. Retiring does mark the end of a working career, but it also signals the beginning of a new phase of life. Some retirees know exactly what they want to accomplish when they stop working. Others, after a lifetime of devoting much of their time and brain space to a business or an institution, aren’t so sure. That’s where this list has its genesis. These three gifts are ideal for retirees who now have the opportunity to focus on themselves.

A DNA Test

23 and Me’s DNA test will provide information about ancestry as well as physical traits. 23andMe

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We may think we know where our forebears come from, but the only way to find out for sure is to get a DNA test. Some will give reports on not only ancestry, but also physical traits, from curly hair and dimples to the ability to recognize certain tastes. Retirees who are thinking about just what impact they’ve had on this earth will enjoy the opportunity to discover where they had their origins.


Samsonite’s hardside Omni luggage set is strong and lightweight, has spinner wheels for easy transport, and is available in ten colors. Samsonite

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Even if that retiree traveled a lot for his or her career, chances are there’s plenty of places he or she wants to visit and enjoy, and without the need to attend meetings or a trade show. A good set of new luggage designed to withstand the rigors of frequent traveling is ideal for the retiree who can now see more of the world rather than the inside of another conference center.

Digital point-and-shoot camera

Canon’s PowerShot SX540 is easy to use and has a 50x optical zoom, which allows for high-quality, detailed photos of objects in the distance. Canon

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Yes, anyone who carries a cell phone these days also carries a camera, but the lenses are small, which often makes for substandard photos, and often slow to function, which can result in missed or substandard images. A dedicated digital point-and-shoot camera is simple to operate, will turn out photos that are far superior to smartphone shots, and many will easily fit into a jacket pocket. They’re easy to use and will give that new retiree a chance to record all those great places he or she will finally get a chance to visit.