Three Great Griddle Accessories

These add-ons make flat-top cooking simple and delicious.

To use a griddle properly and effectively you need three accessories, a cover, a butter wheel, and a scraper. A cover is mandatory equipment for any griddle, to protect the exposed surface from moisture and dust. A butter wheel allows you to put an even, consistent coat of butter on bread and rolls. Invest in a scraper designed for use on flat tops so you’ll have your griddle cleaned up quickly and ready for the next meal.

Buckles Securely

The tough fabric stands up to all sorts of weather. Blackstone


If you have an outdoor griddle it’s crucial to keep it covered. If you’ve already seasoned your flat top to perfection, keep it covered or one rainstorm can undo all your effort. Even if you leave it uncovered on a dry night, morning dew can introduce rust. A cover will also keep dust off the flat top.

No Assembly Required

This product makes it easy to prep bread for toasting. Cuisinart


Buttering the outside of a bun or a slice of bread can be difficult if the butter is cold. A butter wheel can help because it sits on top of a warm griddle and liquifies butter. Roll bread or other foods over the wheel before placing it on the griddle and things will toast evenly.

Stows in a Drawer

This cleaner has an ergonomic handle and splash guard to protect hands. Cuisinart


A griddle is a specialized cooking device, so you should use a dedicated griddle scraper to clean the flat top and prepare it for the next meal. A scraper with handholds for two hands allows you to apply leverage on those burnt-on food bits, speeding up the process.