Three Great Yoda Gifts for Star Wars Superfans

If you or someone you know has a newfound crush on Baby Yoda, here are a few gift ideas for the next special, gift-giving occasion.

In a galaxy far, far away, there is a mysterious force known only as “merchandising,” and for Star Wars superfans, it is pointless to resist. From action figures to t-shirts, video games, puzzles, bobblehead dolls and more, the constellation of Lucasfilms memorabilia is, well, astronomical. If you are looking for a gift sure to ignite the passions of any Star Wars junkie, you can’t go wrong with the mysterious Jedi master himself, Yoda. Here are several options guaranteed to delight and inspire.

Master Yoda 3D Model

The characteristics of this Yoda version were leveraged from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. LEGO

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For truly immersive Jedi-level fun, try assembling a 3D model of Master Yoda. With nearly 2,000 pieces, this display-quality project is sure to capture the imagination of fans 12-years and older for hours on end.

“The Child” Tee-Shirt

Thanks to the fame of the series, The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda fans have sprung up worldwide. Star Wars

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Fans of the movie franchise are naturally drawn to the Star Wars-inspired Disney Plus original television series The Mandalorian, whose breakout star is Baby Yoda. He may be a child, but don’t underestimate him on size alone. He can levitate objects, apply the Darth Vader-like Force choke, heal wounds, control fire, and melt hearts.

Baby Yoda Bobblehead

A bobblehead makes a great gift for any Star Wars fan. POP!

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If Baby Yoda alone isn’t charming enough, add a bobblehead to his figurine and you have a legitimate showstopper. The Baby Yoda bobblehead has a galactic presence, but at less than 4 inches tall, it’s small enough to display anywhere from a bedroom shelf to the dashboard of your personal Millennium Falcon.