Guy opening a bottle of beer
If you want to enjoy beer the way it was meant to be enjoyed, try a few of these gadgets on the next round. Letit.Beer Letit.Beer

Getting a great beer isn’t always easy. Ensuring that it’s cold enough is always a challenge, and while most of us enjoy the taste of draft beer, it’s awfully hard to duplicate at home unless you buy kegs, which can go bad if you don’t drink the contents right away. Here are some tips on how to have a great-tasting beer anytime using three unique beer products.

Make Every Beer a Draft

Turn any canned or bottled beer into great-tasting draft beer with this easy-to-clean dispenser that can go anywhere. Fizzics

Who doesn’t like the taste of draft beer? Problem is, getting that taste at home with your favorite can or bottled beer is all but impossible. However, this unique product takes the carbonation of any canned or bottled beer and infuses it with uniform-sized bubbles to deliver a rich, creamy head and all the aroma you enjoy from your favorite draft beers. It works on any kind of beer in regular or bomber cans and bottles up to 750ml. Best of all, it runs on a convenient USB cord and wall adapter or on two AA-sized batteries (not included), so you can take it camping, tailgating, or out to the back yard.

A Beer Can Cooler

Double-walled insulation and a special gasket keeps your beer ice cold in this easy-to-grip colster. YETI

Those who enjoy canned beer know what a hassle it is to keep it cold, especially during those hot days when a can of beer seems to just melt in your hand. Those days are over thanks to this incredible vacuum insulated stainless steel colster. A special gasket keeps a tight grip and seal on standard 12-ounce cans or bottles, while double-walled insulation keeps your beer frosty cold from start to finish.

Chill Out

These unique chiller sticks will keep your bottled beer tasty and cold right down to the last sip. LETIT.BEER

Keep your bottle beer frosty cold with these unique chiller sticks. Simply pop the chiller sticks in the freezer for 45 minutes. Open your beer and take a sip or two to make room for the chiller stick. Drop one in and press it down firmly to make it seal around the mouth of the bottle, and you’re all set. The chiller stick will keep your beer ice cold, right down to the last sip.