Three Reasons to Buy an Electric Drum Kit

If you or someone you know loves to play the drums, but doesn’t want to disturb anyone within earshot, an E-kit might offer a solution.

Parents of budding John Bonhams or Ginger Bakers understand, as do apartment dwellers with Buddy Rich wannabe neighbors understand. Sometimes you just need a set of e-drums to be able to practice while preserving the sanity of those around you. Electronic drums have quite possibly saved marriages and relationships, and reduced domestic disturbance complaints, not to mention hearing loss among adults with drumming children. Here are three reasons why an E-kit might be a great option for you.


This popular E-kit is equipped with a full range of drums and percussion found in a standard acoustic drum kit. Alesis

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The greatest pro of an E-kit is it allows musicians to isolate the audio so only they can hear it. Need we say more? While not noiseless, any drummer can use headphones to practice and create minimal disturbance of those around.


Use this E-kit with the drum voices supplied with it or supplemented by another program to create an infinite variety of drumming sounds. RockJam

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Because E-kits are run through MIDI you can program the beats to an infinite range of sounds. Raindrops? No problem. Dried goats’ hooves clacking? There’s an app for that, and we are not making that up. The number of possible sounds available makes the E-drummer highly adaptable to whatever percussion sound needs created.


While not a full E-kit, this tabletop practice drum set machine is an excellent space-saving alternative to a full kit. Pyle

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E-kits weigh far less and are way more compact than standard acoustic drum sets, some of which require a full-sized van to carry about. They are easier to set up and maintain as well.