Three Reasons to Ditch Your Shaving Razor for Replaceable Blades

Modern shaving razors contain much sharper, and multiple blades than their predecessors, and can give you the cleanest shave you’ve ever had.

In the age of shaving clubs, manscaping, and competitive bearding, no tool is more important to good grooming that the standard razor and blade. Unfortunately, the old business adage of “Give ‘em the razor and sell ‘em the blade!” means that while the razors themselves are comparatively cheap, blade cartridges can cut pretty deep into the household budget. Here are a few features to consider when searching for a premium razor cartridge that will not only cut smoothly but also help shave costs.

Multiple Blades

Replaceable blades several razors make for a cleaner shave. Gillette


Long gone are the days when single or even double blades in a razor cartridge were standard. Three to five blades are now the norm because they last longer, cause less irritation, and offer a closer shave than a razor with fewer blades.

Lubricating Strip

If the lubricating strip on your razor fades away, it’s likely time to attach a new set of blades. Gillette


The thin lubricating strip at the top of a razor cartridge is meant to moisturize skin and reduce friction. Some believe the strip is just a gimmick to jack up the price, but it is a standard feature on most razor carts these days, and if nothing else a strip engineered to fade or change color with use will alert you when the razor is beginning to wear out.

Pivoting Head

A hinged razor head makes it easier to shave around the contours of your face. Gillette


Even cheap disposable razors often feature a pivoting head. But a quality replaceable cartridge has greater heft and feel than a flimsy throwaway blade, making it easier to follow the natural contours of your face. Like everything else, you get what you pay for.