Without shelving units, at times your garage likely looks like there’s a jumbled mess of sporting equipment unceremoniously deposited on the ground when one season ended, and another was opening, which of course, makes traversing the garage difficult and nothing is ever easy to find. The addition of shelves cut down on the time I spent rummaging through piles and I no longer feared tripping when I needed something. Here are few more reasons why you should install some shelves wherever you need added storage space.

Get Stuff Off the Ground

Stacking things on shelves gets things off the ground and out of your way. Tangkula

Storing stuff vertically clears up a lot of space. By going vertical you really decrease the footprint of whatever you’re getting off the ground, which gives you much more space to work with in any room. If you turn wrenches in your garage or have a lot of gardening equipment, you’ll really appreciate the added elbow space.

Organize by Season

Have winter gear easy to reach isn’t much help in the middle of summer, so organize by season so you don’t have to go digging when you need something. Topeakmart

Having a big bank of shelves allows you to store stuff in categories. I have taken to grouping together items by the time of year I’d likely be using them. This way, my heater and ice fishing gear are near each other so packing for a winter weekend getaway is easy.

Add Bins

Storage bins are a great way to coral stuff even more before you perch it on a shelf.

After you set up your shelves, you can place smaller items in bins. Once again, this clears up space by going vertical and you don’t have to hunt through rubble to find downsized items. You may even be able to group all the equipment you need for an activity, like camp cooking, in a single container that can go from shelf to truck. This way, you’ll cut down on packing time and still have everything you need when you get out there.