Three Reasons Your Home Should Have an Electric Piano

A small, electric keyboard is a terrific gift for anyone who wants to learn more about music.

The popularity of today’s digital keyboards is soaring, and it’s no wonder. While piano players often prefer the sound quality of an acoustic piano, the popularity of acoustic pianos is impacted by the need for regular tuning and maintenance, and the fact that their size dominates any room, often taking four hefty guys to move it. Meanwhile digital keyboards are much lighter and mobile and have a great deal of versatility in sounds and programs, all at very affordable price points for most families.

Bonus Items

This popular digital keyboard kit is all-inclusive, with stand, stool, and headphones included. It comes pre-programmed with play-along tunes and offers a recording option as well as access to tutorials. RockJam


Music preceded spoken language as humans developed. For some, music is the best and sometimes only way to express feelings and communicate. Providing the opportunity for all family members to learn, experience, and communicate through music is truly a gift of multi-generational importance. An at-home keyboard is the best way to accomplish this.

Battery Powered

This inexpensive digital keyboard comes with a built-in speaker as well as headphones for private practice. Alesis


For less than $150 you can purchase a complete quality digital keyboard package.

Record and Playback Functions

This digital keyboard is great for learning to play piano. Yamaha


Digital keyboards often have pre-recorded songs, USB ports for computer interfaces, recording and playback, sustain pedals, and other features. Some models even have a weighted keyboard action that simulates the feel of playing an acoustic piano.