If you still have the same old Harry Potter books and VHS movies you began collecting more than 20 years ago, you might be in need of an upgrade. While it’s hard to believe that the first Harry Potter book was published in 1997 and the first movie was released in 2001, the undeniable fact is those born when the books and movies first came out have already exited their teen years. Over those years, many advances have been made in movie technology, and a variety of special-edition books from the Harry Potter series have been introduced. If you’re a long-time Potter fan, consider beefing up your collection.

For Hard-Core Stans

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While many people still prefer to watch their Harry Potter movies on the original VHS format for nostalgia’s sake, there’s no doubt that they’re much more enjoyable on Blu-ray. Many sets now available contain extra scenes that weren’t in the original, and it’s fun to argue with other Potter fans in the family whether a particular scene was in the original or not. All eight of the movies are offered individually for those who want to build up their collection that way. But for maximum enjoyment, consider purchasing the whole set on Blu-ray, and if you find yourself stuck at home for an extended period of time, what better way to fight off boredom than an extended Harry Potter marathon!

Great for Bibliophiles

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Not so fast, though, Potterheads! If you happen to find yourself at home with lots of time on your hands, wouldn’t you rather start at the beginning and read all the books again before moving on to the movies? Starting with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and running all the way through Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, for true Potter fans, few things could be much more relaxing than sitting back in a quiet room and following Harry and the gang from mere youngsters to adulthood. Books are available individually, as multi-book sets or as a complete set, some with many special features. Of particular interest to many Harry Potter fans are illustrated book collections with full-color pictures depicting many favorite scenes and characters.

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Harry Potter-themed toys and puzzles are still wildly popular, despite the age of the series. From kids’ wands and golden snitches, to Gryffindor knit hats and scarfs, to Dobby dolls and sound-activated Hedwig model owls, lovers of this series can find something they’d like to play with or collect. Harry Potter puzzles are quite popular and available from simple kids’ puzzles showing favorite scenes to 1,000-plus-piece puzzles that feature everything from the Hogwarts Express to the school’s logo. Lego sets are also quite popular depicting famous scenes from a number of the books and movies along with familiar locations within Hogwarts, giving those young and old the opportunity to build everything from the clock tower to the Aragog’s lair.